Discovering my Kellum Family

Growing up in Mobile Alabama  I had the privileged of knowing my grandmother Hattie.   My father’s mother Hattie Louise Kellum Green was the daughter of Matthew Kellum and Isabella Moore Kellum.  My grandmother (Mama as we called her ) often talked about her parents. Her mother  passed when fourteen years old  and  I never knew how or why she died.   

Hattie L Kellum Green Mama had lots  of the stories none of which  I wrote down.  I guess I felt that she would be with me many years to come but she because ill and with in a week had died.

 So who was Hattie Kellum’s family?  

This is what I knew based on what she and my father had shared with me: 

  •  Father –  Matthew (Matt) Kellum  – born abt 1859
  • Mother – Isabella  (Bella) Moore    – born at 1869  – her grandmother was part Black Creek Indian
  • Brother- William James Kellum (Uncle Toastie ) – born abt 1890

Matthew Kellum and family

Without the 1990 census I had to find other things to fill in the missing pieces.  Mama was born in the city of  Mobile and not Africa Town as Papa was.  So I went to the Mobile Genealogy Library on Government Street and they have treasures in there.  I found city directories and death records.

My great grandparents  Matt and  Bella did not have just two children but they had nine (9) children.   I found death certificates for six ( 7) children that I never knew about.

 Emmett died at 10 years,  J.W.  Moore died at 3 months,  Mattie at 11 years,  Isabella at  3 years, unnamed infant died at 5 days,  Irene  died at 4 months , C. died at 7 months.  The last two (Irene and C) were fraternal twins.  Isabella died three weeks after the delivery of the twins.  They are all buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

 My husband and I visited the cemetery and discovered from their records that Isabella and the twins are buried  together.,_Alabama)


Isabella’s death certificate stated she was born in the city of Mobile,  was a house keeper and it did not list her mother and father name.   I found their marriage certificate dated 22 Oct 1888 at the Mobile Probate Court.  It did not have her parents listed as witness.  

I was able to located them her on the 1870 census:

1870 Mobile Census for Moore

 Her parents are Hillard and Jane Moore  and they are living with whom I believe to be Jane’s mother Kasia  (Keshiah) Boyd.  Hillard was born in Tennessee, Jane in Alabama and Kasia in Virginia.    Kesia (Keshiah) Boyd died Nov 28, 1876 , her death certificate states she was born in Richmond Virginia and she lived in Clairborn Al before coming to Mobile and she was a widow.

  I found the Moore family on the 1880 census with Aunt Louise and Uncle Emmitt (Hillard Jr) listed: 

       1880 census Moore -2

Now I need to find Matthew.

 I have searched until I am blue in the face and can not find him on the 1870 census.  With the help of a fellow researcher from “Pieces of the Quilt” I was able to find him on the 1880 census.

I knew Matthew was raised by his Aunt Ermy (his mother’s sister because his mother was deceased) alone with a couple of her daughters (Ella and Emily) but I did not know what her maiden name.  We not only found Ermy and several of her children that I did not know she had  we also found Matthew listed as Matthis Callum age 21, born in Alabama and so was his mother and father.    

1880 Wiley & Callum  -2

Locating Aunt Ermy’s death certificate lead to us finding the best find ever her mother and father ( Gransom and Emily Wiley).  

1870 Wiley-2

This is them listed on the 1870 census and there were four people listed in the house hold that I still have no idea who they are (Motry) .

 Who were Matthew’s mother and father.  I ask my Aunt and my father and they did not know.

My last remaining male Kellum cousin did DNA for me and we confirmed that Matthew’s male line is European.   I compared it with Esaw Kellum (who I believe was his slave owner) and it did not match.  According to the matches at FTDNAA  the closes match are the Pettipooles. I was told by the R1b researchers at FTDNA  that his halop group is rare and would be hard to match but I’ll never give up.   

I shall continue to research Matthew Kellum, the Motry’s listed in the household with his grandparents in 1870 and his grandparents (Emily was born in Alabama and Grandson in Virginia).  


7 thoughts on “Discovering my Kellum Family

  1. Great job Marci! That’s the perfect way to explore, learn & document the process — and logic. You’ll refer back to this KELLUM post often & will probably edit it a few times. That to me is the BEST way to leverage your online presence. You’re sharing family history yes, but documenting your research “steps” will help you & any others to come behind you too!:)

  2. Wow Marci! All i know is that you will find what your’re looking for. You are on the hunt and you are focused that’s for sure. Stay on it. Looking forward to more discoveries.

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