Granson and Emily Wiley

While doing genealogy research on Matthew Kellum (listed as Mathis Callum on 1880 census), my grandmother Hattie L. Kellum Green’s father, I found his grandparent.  I have no remembrance of anyone talking about them at all but here they are on the 1870 census.   Image

See my post about discovering my Kellum Family for more details about this discovery.  

Now I’ll use some know fact finders for discovering African American Slave history.

First lets make a note of the following from this census:

  • Location in 1870:  Mobile County Al Beat #3 page 41
  • Birth location: Virginia for Granson , Alabama for Emma (Emily)


Next checking around the ancestors on the 1870 census to see if there were any European or others listed with the same surname.  This may lead to the find of the slave owners or additional family. members. 

  • There are 62 pages on this census and I’ve looked through all of them and none discovered.  

Check other census for more info:

  • I have been unable to locate any of them on the 1880 census.  
  • 1900 census –  I do not find Granson at all and Emily is listed as a widow.  She also is listed as the mother in law of her grandchild and her  birth year is around the same as her daughter. I have lots of questions about this info. 



  • 1910 – Unable to locate her on census
  • 1920 – She is next door to her daughter and grans , age 93, 

Research other documents:

  • 1912 /1913 – R L Polk & Co’s Mobile City Directory Colored Population – has her listed as a widow, a midwife and living in Plateau 
  • Aunt Ermy’s (Josephine) death certificate states she was born in Claiborn Al  abt 1870.  However on the 1880 census where she was listed alone with several of her children and my great grandfather Matthew Kellum.  Her age is abt 40 which puts her being born around 1860.
  • Emily Wiley’s death certificate, died 1921 has her also born in Claiborne AL.
  • Matthew’s daughter Isabella’s death certificate has that he was born in Claiborne Al.
  • I have been unable to locate death certificates for Matthew, Granson and any of Aunt Ermy’s children at this time.  

It appears that I have a birth place Claiborne which is in Monroe County. This is the place where I also found Esaw Kellum the possible slave owner of Matthew or his mother and/or father.  

In checking the 1850 and 1860 census for Monroe County AL I did not locate Wiley/Wylie. There are Wylie/Wiley estate papers listed in  for other counties in Alabama.  I went through all of the documents issued before 1865.  I continued to search for Wiley/Wylie’s in counties closest to Monroe County and I located John Wiley living in Dallas County that died 1832, Evan S Wiley died 1825,  Mary Polly McCalb Wiley died 1840 through Family Trees listed on Ancestry.Com. But no one had  any estate documents and there were none listed in for these name.

I was able to locate an e-mail address for Dallas County Probate on line which I inquired as to if they did online research and they do.  I am re-sending my info to the correct e-mail address and I will keep you posted on my findings.